October 19, 2020


On My New Direction


On My New Direction

I'm sorry to those I cannot take along for the ride, but in my mind's back pages your chapters are many so it's not a sunset's goodbye simply a distant hello.

As for the whiskey and good times there will be more but as for this party I must depart.

We are heroes of our own shit,
and outlaws often become a sad parody when too many days settle like dust in a doorway.

It was never meant to last forever.

So I will leave while my luck is good and nobody realizes I stacked the deck.

A tornado can't be contained and it's best to view from safe distance.

This is not goodbye.

Article © John Patrick Robbins. All rights reserved.
Published on 2018-01-29
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roger turner
07:38:35 AM

as always...brilliant. always moving on, never staying still...closing one door but opening another

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