October 19, 2020


Through My Neighbor's Window


Through My Neighbor's Window

Large candle burns
to commemorate
remnants of restless spirit
that battled against anguish,
riding out pain like rodeo upstart.

Flickered shadows animate
dark skeleton's ribs,
laughing at destiny.
Thrumming wind flies
in the face of fear,
into an ear.

It's the same old deal:
Icarus descending,
weighed down
by disappointment,
melting feathers.
Mumbling prayers
while trying yet to enjoy
view of venerated vista
spiraling down.

Desperation flaps hard,
15 times a second,
but gravity proves
the ultimate downer:
direction, a force,
an infinite recourse
beyond one's short journey.

Wisps of smoke climb,
then dissipate.


Article © Gary Glauber. All rights reserved.
Published on 2020-02-24
Image(s) are public domain.

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