March 01, 2021

"Father..." ~ Comments below. Cover image.

Image by Public Domain.

Medium: Public domain image and Photoshop

Artist's comments:

In This Week's Press:

Fight? -- Alex Andy Phuong
Leaving Me Softly -- Peter A. Witt
The Struggle Continues -- Bradford Middleton
Snake in Dream -- Pranab Ghosh
The Bogle of Tocherty House -- Kavan P. Stafford
Jax Muse -- Charles Cicirella
By the force of my doom -- Tali Cohen Shabtai
The sound of the scraping sky -- Robin Wyatt Dunn
Place Settings 14 -- Sand Pilarski
Bohemian Morning 16 -- Lydia Manx
Home Sweet Home -- Frederick Foote
Poetry, Passion and Inspiration -- Ndaba Sibanda