October 19, 2020

Oh, the raclette! ~ Comments below. Cover image.

Image by Public Domain.

Medium: Public domain image and Photoshop

Artist's comments:

In This Week's Press:

Rain Walker -- Luis Cuauhtémoc Berriozábal
Love and Revolution -- Rehanul Hoque
Contagion Is a Despot Poet -- Eric Robert Nolan
Sonnet 33, A Timeless Splendor -- Ken Allan Dronsfield
Woman -- Donna Dallas
Tango 12 -- Beate Sigriddaughter
The Planetary Plan -- Sanjeev Sethi
Jack and Jill -- Jerry Guarino
Reverence -- Alex Andy Phuong
A Short-lived Incursion into a Cave -- Ndaba Sibanda
Cottage Country -- Ryan Quinn Flanagan
The Wheel of San Geronimo -- David Simmons
A Declaration of Mass Destruction -- Frederick Foote