November 30, 2020

Separation ~ Comments below. Cover image.

Image by Bernie and Sand Pilarski.

Medium: Public domain images and Photoshop. Bernie's design, Sand's computer.

Artist's comments:

In This Week's Press:

The Guru of Going Places -- Gary Glauber
The Day After -- Wayne F. Burke
A Long Walk Against the Wind -- Ahmad Al-Khatat
My Friend Frank -- Alex Andy Phuong
Mitosis -- Callan Preece
The Crumpled Rose -- John Tustin
Getting Ready To Sell -- Judith Alexander Brice
Two Amigos -- Harvey Silverman
You Are on Your Own -- Ndaba Sibanda
The Corona Blue Devil Blues -- Frederick Foote
Sanyal, Haiku -- Jharna Sanyal
Meow, Grammatically Speaking -- Terry Petersen
Bohemian Morning 3 -- Lydia Manx