April 23, 2018

Happy 16th Anniversary!
by Sand Pilarski (news, PG)
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Goodness, it's hard to believe that the Managing Editor used to be that much younger...!


Welcome to the 16th Anniversary Issue of the Piker Press!

In April of 2002, four writers wanted an excuse to write on a regular basis. One of them had a website free to play with. One of them had computer technical expertise. The other two knew that they could fling words around endlessly at the drop of a hat. Ever since that, the Piker Press has been a weekly publication.

In our archives, there are nearly 7000 articles -- fiction, nonfiction, poetry, photography, artwork, cartoons, and spoofery. Serious works, and sometimes silliness, the Piker Press simply wants to give readers something to read, and encourage writers to write.

This celebratory issue is fine and fat, so our regular features of About THE ODDS and After Life will reappear next week.

There will be more to this welcome in the upcoming week, but for now, let's break out the champagne and say, "Cheers!"

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In This Week's Press:

The wild girl -- Abigail George
~ "...Nan also told us about her summer dad. The winter woman who was her mother..."

My Lines -- Rajnish Mishra
~ "...Would it not be dead, not dead if read?.."

I Don't See Them Here -- Ndaba Sibanda
~ "...Hence cranes are like the thighs of a tortoise..."

Talk Is Cheap -- Terry Petersen
~ A psychologist appears to be willing to accept low fees rather than deal with insurance. However, Dr. Margaret Kale isn't who she seems to be...

Into the Fire -- Ken Allan Dronsfield
~ "...beyond the terror, beyond the spark..."

The Angel of Mercy -- Frederick Foote
~ And what does "mercy" mean in the wars of politicians and their generals?

I Surrender -- Eddie Awusi
~ "...I weave my days into accolades..."

Dementia -- Charles Cicirella
~ "...I can hear the wind howling through her bones..."

Saturday -- Ralph Bland
~ Every week, it happens. No wonder we get old so quick...

No One Looks Good in a Defamation Suit -- Ryan Quinn Flanagan
~ "The publishers get antsy. And you can hardly blame them..."

Happy 16th Anniversary! -- Sand Pilarski
~ Goodness, it's hard to believe that the Managing Editor used to be that much younger...!