November 20, 2017
"Mes de los Muertos"

Waiting at the Gates
by Scott Thomas Outlar (poem, PG)
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Know that you were loved...


I heard the oxygen machine humming
on the other end of the line
from the opposite side of the country
as your daughter (my aunt)
held the phone to your ear
so I could say a final goodbye
while the morphine continually dripped
to ease away the pain
you'd been fighting for ages.

Let it never be said
that a soldier
can't also be an angel.
You served your time
faithfully here on earth
and have now been called back to heaven
to receive your rightful honors.

I've been through this process before
with my father (your son)
a few years ago,
and while it will never be easy,
there is a certain sense of solace
in knowing that at least
he is already there
to help guide you home.

(Originally appeared at Dissident Voice)

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Article © Scott Thomas Outlar. All rights reserved.


Mes de los Muertos!

By Scott Thomas Outlar

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