March 12, 2018


Peek of the Week 125


A banana tree in South Africa

In trimming a banana tree in his yard in Natal, South Africa, KK Brown and his wife discovered that a dove had built a nest in the middle of it.

Dove on nest in South Africa

They replaced the eggs that had fallen out back in the nest, and a snapped a close up of a rather nervous-looking bird. KK has this to say about it: "Of course, all subsequent 'gardening' activity, in the vicinity of 'Pigeon Palace', has been discontinued for the immediate future.

One of the eggs WAS slightly cracked when we replaced it, and I was absolutely amazed that Mrs. Pigeon has returned to keep them warm after her unfortunate experience. (Mrs. Pigeon is, actually, a Ringed Dove, but there is no need to be unnecessarily pedantic, is there ?)"

Baby doves on nest in South Africa

A few days later, KK had this to relate: "Mrs Dove's eggs have, magically, turned into fluffy little 'junior' doves !!!!!

I am so proud !

Don't you think the one on the left has my nose ?"

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Published on 2008-01-14

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