June 18, 2018


Reflections from the Newsreel 08: A Reflection on Myanmar


A Reflection on Myanmar

The world watched approvingly,
as Burma opened its doors.
Human rights did not matter,
as long as money could be made.
The Lady's now in charge,
Nobel winner, awards galore,
sanctifying ethnic cleansing,
human rights just aren't her thing.
Though the Rohingya scream for aid,
their cries carry across the plain,
no one can speak their name,
a forbidden word that has no place.
Persecuted night and day,
the Rohingya flee -- no place to go.
And as Suu Kyi watches on,
a politician to the core,
while genocide defines the day,
I wonder if peace prizes,
are worth their weight in dung?

Article © Carl Wade Thompson. All rights reserved.
Published on 2017-01-02

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