January 11, 2021


Raven's Flavor


Raven's Flavor

Coffee pot perks to the morning beats
trash cans set out along the lane
cars and trucks rumble down my road
Smiling children spy the fresh donuts.
Blue Jays spar in the old lilac bush
leaves of color float from the heights
Raven's flock in a golden unkindness
Bluto the cat just lays there and naps
Maples adorned with old wood pails,
nectar to syrup for my lovely pancakes,
fresh apples rest in baskets on the porch
a last tomato ripens in a sunlit window.
Tinkling of spoons in hot coffee mugs
kids laugh running to the school bus
Deformed pumpkin sits on the steps
a Raven's Fall is my favorite flavor.

Article © Ken Allan Dronsfield. All rights reserved.
Published on 2017-09-25
Image(s) are public domain.

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Ken Allan Dronsfield
11:18:33 AM

Many thanks to Sand Pilarski for publishing my work! I love reviewing the site each week for "top shelf" literary work.

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