July 06, 2020


Alternate Charges


Alternate Charges

Remember your Goethe, Fairchild,
not the words but the meaning
any parrot can recite the little wing of moon black song
but the originator, patient zero --
that is what we are after here
forever chasing new fields of life exploring
have you been to Seattle?
tasted the musty wet resonance of silicon based shaving?
telekinesis over the sink?
Lose the pace car, Fairchild,
take off running in the full sprint
of no legs and no lungs, only the ego inflated;
the glow retreats, done is the day of toil
would you care for a drink, Fairchild?
Something strong and wet
from my bottle?

Forget Goethe, ignore kerosene lamps
and the East India Company.
Would you care to dance, Fairchild?
Yes, two men in the dark --
I have so many worlds to show you
and so little time.

Article © Ryan Quinn Flanagan. All rights reserved.
Published on 2017-10-02
Image(s) are public domain.

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