August 10, 2020


Stand Your Ground


Stand Your Ground

Words are consequences
The division of right and wrong is not partisan
Both sides of the aisle is cooked up spin and divided we fall

Loosen the screws
Prisons are full of parole violators
Drive into the crowd and claim religious intolerance

At some point might making right and determining policy needs to cease and desist
Our end game of the end always justifying the means doesn't amount to a hill of brown or black beans
Social justice has been hung out to dry as we're put back into chains and the truth has been sidelined by a man-child whose only plan of attack is distract, distract, distract
I want what's right
You want what's right
Or are we ready to simply settle for what's convenient as we drive thru yet another Starbucks and get our fix of designer caffeine and Hail Mary innuendos?

Our word should mean more than just a Caesar salad and our inability to squarely look our own Foggy Bottom reflections in the bloodshot eyes
Why is it so tough for liberals to push back on conservatives? It's most certainly not because the right has the left beat on the issues
I believe if we don't stand our ground sooner than later we're going to lose more than just our consciences in this fight between the haves and have nots

Are you willing to sell your country out for a few more votes?
The Republicans are and did
Are you willing to just look the other way as another human being is treated like they've no right to say anything when they're manhandled or even worse raped into silence?
Are you just going to stand there and do nothing or even worse add your vote to a chorus of dissenting voices on not only the rule of law, but the rule of humanity in our closeted system of reprobates and soiled Bible salesmen?

Article © Charles Cicirella. All rights reserved.
Published on 2018-04-09
Image(s) © Sand Pilarski. All rights reserved.

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Charles Cicirella
12:03:42 AM

The artwork is very powerful! There is one word missing in the fourth stanza. Please add than after more. Thank you!

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