November 12, 2018





The reeds sway with the evening breeze,
Catching the last rays of the Sun.
A ballet of perfection,
A last waltz, for a day now done.

Inside the boggy marshlands,
Shy corncrakes tuck in their wings;
While two black swans snuggle up,
As a sedge warbler starts to sing.

Coots scoop through the water,
In their hurry to get home,
A fish jumps for an evening fly,
Sending ripples towards the shore.

The Sun descends -- the Moon appears,
Showering gold and silver on this place,
The creatures of the night have come --
While the day ones, sleep in peace.

Photo Eamon Brennan, The marshes of the Cabragh Wetlands, Thurles, County Tipperary, Ireland.

© Fingleton (Bealtaine 2018) (Löst Viking)

Article © John Anthony Fingleton. All rights reserved.
Published on 2018-08-13
Image(s) © Eamon Brennan. All rights reserved.

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