July 15, 2019


Critical Engagement Rules Going Forward


Critical Engagement Rules Going Forward

national legacy -- yes, national debt -- NO
a man of integrity -- yes, a man of gallery -- NO

a creative motivator -- yes, a dead dinosaur -- NO
a dynamic builder -- yes, a dream's destroyer -- NO

a committed unifier -- yes, a committer of crimes -- NO
a legitimate victor -- yes, a spurious bulldozer -- NO

a transparent suitor-- yes, a tested tormentor -- NO
a go-getter -- yes, a lousy goal post shifter -- NO NO!!

a good guest -- yes, a persistent backdoor intruder -- NO
a respecter of life -- yes, a blatant violator -- NO NO!

a fair adjudicator -- yes, a rights abdicator -- NO
a humble champion -- yes, a loud chameleon -- NO!!

one who errs -- yes, unrepentant -- NO
a heart of flesh -- yes, that of stone -- NO

a people's servant -- yes, a rogue -- NO
a leader for all -- yes, for life -- NO NO!!

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Published on 2018-09-03
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