May 25, 2020





You're compelling me every night,
Yet, you get burned during daylight;
You allure me each time you wanted to feed,
having my fresh blood as your prime need.

I tried to be cool and tough,
But I thought to myself, I had enough;
You aimed nothing but to sip my blood,
Aye, your pleasures are horrific as the Great Flood.

You fooled me with your old, dirty tactics.
Yet, I turned out stronger than the Medieval bricks.
Come into my snare, poor and horrid vampire,
You'll get burned by your own desire.

I am fed up with all the neck bites and pain,
Now it's my turn to slap you with vervain;
I bathed my neck with a vial of it,
Suddenly, you became feverish after you bit.

You need to perish for you are toxic,
So I let you ingest it and you were extremely sick,
I hit you with vervain and I playfully watch you burn,
Now, I'm placing your ashes in a silver urn.

Article © Irish D. Torres. All rights reserved.
Published on 2019-01-14
Image(s) are public domain.

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