August 10, 2020


Mad Price Tags


Mad Price Tags

I see you want the poor to go on fasting
For you have doubled your rope as a fastening

Gu and other cruel cronies committed atrocities
And cynically named them a moment of madness

This country has been a victim of a series of stupidities
This country has been led and drained by several lunacies

In no particular order, the unbudgeted war vet payouts,
The top scandals and acts of impunity -- are marks of insanity!

The rogues' moments of madness were myriad and varied
The arbitrary incursion into the DRC was mercenary sabotage

The land grabs that shifted the country from being a food basket
To basket case was yet another dance with a moment of madness

The former president had a fixation with miscarriages of justice
His obsession with globe-trotting, power and prestige is legendary

The marginalisation, suppression and elimination of the minorities
Is another sign of a leadership that thrives on a mad fear of justice

The country has never ever enjoyed moments of diversity and unity
The ugly head of hegemony and the demeaning of others is evident

Operation Murambatsvina was another moment of "clean-up" sanity
Operation Restore Legacy was one more act of crazy desperation

The pricing madness, the departure of whatever hope there was --
The economic meltdown, and the attendant woes -- all scream madness!!

Article © Ndaba Sibanda. All rights reserved.
Published on 2019-02-18
Image(s) are public domain.

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