March 01, 2021


A Nail in Your Business


A Nail in Your Business

My life has been a Sorrowful Melody
I cut the wings of every nightingale
I give no second chance to anyone
at night, I walk in circles around the
unseen world of beasts and gods
I scream "forgive me, will you please"
nothing personal, but I need to get
a key to the suite of rare happiness
being drunk doesn't mean it's alright
once, I wake up sober with cloudy eyes
Those days are no longer worthy to
hope to meet with the right person who
will show me some feelings to my
emotions, I will do everything to hide
my wounds before I earn a French kiss
With my mouth singing in a sorrowful
melody, below the moon light of the night
I hope to die like the stars up the universe
far from the dirty lips of people in darkness
after all, I wasn't born to be a nail in your business

Article © Ahmad Al-khatat. All rights reserved.
Published on 2019-10-14
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