July 06, 2020


Man or Spirit


Man or Spirit

I'VE sin. My girlfriend aborted my baby.
She had done it before; it's my first.
My bridge of immortality, demolished
with my money. Every night I saw a face
and hear cry of a baby, calling my name --
saying, father, father, what have I done?
In order to protect an unknown future
we murdered a baby, and blind an uterus
My married ex can't mother a baby.
I can't sleep. It's an old spirit, said a seer,
who collected my fifty thousand naira,
for a blind tortoise, dwarf gastropod and
perfume, to appease the howling spirit.
To the work of spirit, I am not a stranger
A musical spirit of my mother's mother,
left her aging body to that of my mother.
It's a dancing spirit, BORI makes them
dance with a tolling skirt of cowhides,
decorated with cowries, tiny iron bells,
tiny mirrors, iron staff and eating plates,
talked in tongues and drink blood. I've sin.
I've confessed. Man or spirit, mercy me.

Article © Umar Yogiza, Jr.. All rights reserved.
Published on 2019-06-24
Image(s) are public domain.

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12:39:28 PM

Heavy duty! I like the images and the sense of guilt comes across strongly, also the meeting of two worlds, the modern and the ancient.

03:31:04 AM

It's a good mystical work

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