September 20, 2021


My Words


My Words

I may not be learned in my words,
nor eloquent in my style.

I am raw and crude at the core,
and frayed at my ends.

But do not dispatch me with your hand,
nor disprove of my candor.

I am authentic as I am brash.
I have earned my right to be me.

Article © Ann Christine Tabaka. All rights reserved.
Published on 2019-08-26
Image(s) are public domain.

4 Reader Comments

Mario William Vitale
03:03:24 PM

Every now & then..
You come across a piece that breaths;
We then learn to take a part of the drive..,

As if a wishbone sequence to light the way ahead,
Love your poetics thank you for sharing.

Grant-Grey Guda
05:40:11 PM

Well done. Well expressed. I was moved. Hope you continue to write for forever.

Jill Sharon Kimmelman
03:01:51 PM

The reader’s glimpse into the narrator’s mind/thoughts is beautifully expressed with remarkably candid, almost harshly insistent honesty.

The story is successfully accomplished in just two verses

I love this poem!!!!

Kathy Bussells
06:36:23 AM

Jill's comment is perfect! I agree wholeheartedly! A new favorite of yours for me!

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