August 10, 2020


The important first step


The important first step

In my dream, there are
country life scenes that
come to life. A raw, joyful scattering of the future of
unclenched seed hangs in
the balance but you're (the lover) are
a stranger to these country
life scenes of trees and rain.
Brilliant fields and the transformation of
harvest there. Foam is a
stranger to these parts. Flowers of
fire and flame on this hot
summer's day. I pass through
the channels of the tide. The floating, the
gathering. Searching for the
dream world of philosophy,
education, the independent study of
horoscope in beauty and
fashion magazine. I pass
through the tide meeting the comfort of homesick strangers,
there longing for Christian fellowship and
thanksgiving just like me. Encountering the
passion of the Christ there.
It is here where I fish for Jesus.

Article © Abigail George. All rights reserved.
Published on 2019-09-30
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