October 19, 2020


Night Show


Night Show

Nights mute the misspellings of the stars,
Tell stories in the end,
No longer has a name, the alleys going dark

The rock walls curve with the faces
Of the recent past
The laughter disintegrates into emptiness,

Before the sweet dream, night callers talking
About credit score and the lamp light
Measuring the distance between the voices.

There is a scrutiny of the paper ream and trimmings
Wet leaves erasing the secret words
That teeming and spilling blood.

Hungry moon screaming in silence
Tiny bullets miss the targets
Swollen feet walking past in writhing pain.

Article © Gopal Lahiri. All rights reserved.
Published on 2019-11-18
Image(s) are public domain.

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Sanjeev Sethi
04:14:42 PM

GopalLahiri,welcome to The Piker Press. It's a warm space of the arts to wax.
May you relish it as much as all of us.

Gopal Lahirii
09:28:04 PM

Thanks Sanjeev Sethi. I am humbled! Yes, a great place to be here and I am delighted!

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