October 19, 2020


Summer of Discontent


Summer of Discontent

Someday morning shrinks inside me
deleting some obvious strengths,
Those are not the days that shine,
Then maybe slowly, with a little more care, (that's mine),
Staring at the light thread glancing through the window.

The light begins to dance and leap
either deluded or in denial
Producing my own summer of descent,

My own failures to fill the magic jar
leaving a few crumbs,
Dissolving into a series of teardrops.
Taunting the approaching defeat.

My own moon landing
in dream goes horribly wrong,
My inside burns for reasons that are unclear,

Feeling impassable cold hard reality
Day in and day out with too many
Empty holes and half-filled holes, in my promises.

Article © Gopal Lahiri. All rights reserved.
Published on 2020-04-27
Image(s) are public domain.

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Summer of Discontent

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