September 20, 2021


Anxiety Attack


Anxiety Attack

Feeling pressure within my chest.
Shallow breath expels a sigh.

I grieve my existence, swimming
in emotions as thick as sweat,
drowning in my own apprehension.

A litany of lists, and undone
tasks, march through my head,
overtaking my mind.

Teeth clench,
biting down on an ambition
too grand to ever be achieved.

Black paints my world,
with no empathy for loss.
I scream,
I cry,
I moan!

Limp and inept,
numbness invades,
taking over my very being --

That feeling that no matter how hard
I try, nothing will ever be good enough.

Article © Ann Christine Tabaka. All rights reserved.
Published on 2020-06-08
Image(s) are public domain.

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Sherell C. Buonassisi
12:21:28 PM

Wow so well expressed. Only one who has felt an Anxiey Attack can truly relate.

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