April 12, 2021


Forgotten Dreams


Forgotten Dreams

The uncertainty ...
The agony ...

The expectation ...
The wait ...

Then time merging with time
Devouring it out of your existence
And you whiling it away
In unknown desire.

The ecstasy ...
The pain ...
The separation ...

To be hidden away
Like a treasure
From the world.

Then the loot.
The usurpation.

And you look ahead of you ...
That blank, mad look,
As the world ravages
Your passion, tramples
Your dream and you emerge
A stronger man with
Forgotten, broken memories!

Article © Pranab Ghosh. All rights reserved.
Published on 2020-12-21
Image(s) are public domain.

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sarah ito
03:35:28 PM

Bravo, Pranab. Your writing deepens and cuts with each new work.

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