January 18, 2021


Deep Thinkers


Deep Thinkers

Ever wonder who they are??? My daughter said she felt so happy to be alive because she knew I had a miscarriage before her she asked me if that baby lived perhaps she would never have come to be -- deep thoughts -- they cut you open -- force you to really think about the shit you push aside like the time I was fourteen and cut out of school but didn't go home (which normally I would) and four men broke into our house and robbed us of everything and defecated on our floor ... I saw a man at the airport and ignorantly thought wow he looks like a terrorist that was 7am on 9-11-01 but my plane landed what about all those lives lost?? Do they go back into the portal for a re-do? Do they recycle / refresh / reload?? Socrates would pour out some wine from his glass as a libation to the Gods perhaps we are missing that small give back when I think about the earth I think we make ripples and later those ripples are waves we either ride them or drown trying

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Published on 2020-11-16
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Deep Thinkers

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