April 05, 2021


You Are on Your Own


You Are on Your Own

Upon determining that definitely
motherhood was mutely motioning
she mumbled, moaned and moaned
about how she would put up with it.

The young man who was responsible
for her condition was irresponsible.
Hadn't he told her again and again
to be an impermeable goalkeeper?

"You had better be a good goalie,
if you grant me -- a great goal-getter --
a free kick or worse, a penalty kick,
you're on your own after a score!"

Her friend told her of a procedure,
it was not only an excruciating one
but the physical and mental damage
led to lifelong health complications.

She wouldn't go down that painful path.
How would she ever live with herself
after committing such a chilling eyesore?
Perhaps parenthood is pretty, she decided.

Article © Ndaba Sibanda. All rights reserved.
Published on 2020-11-30

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