September 20, 2021


Breathe Close To Me


Breathe Close To Me

Breathe close to me,
Let not your head droop
Nor your face grimace
In fierce grief, for when
I must leave, all will not
Leave with me, I promise.

The memories we made
Together will sit safely
Inside your mind's nest.
I'll leave the photos too --
I can't take them with me,
So you'll have the proof
We were young once,
Both pretty and foolish,
Drawn together like
Two bees put in a jar,
Buzzing around each other
Until their disparate sound
Becomes a kind of music.

The photos and memories
Can take you back to all
The places we loved in
Italy and France and that
Windblown prehistoric
Southern beach where
Our hearts first linked
In tandem as flesh merged
And the monk-like sun set
Slowly, silently o'er that
Endless and holy ocean.

Yet they lie, those photos
And remembrances of our
Youth and middle years,
For no canvas or brain
Can seize our love, the
Living thing it is, unseen
But tangible as a hand,
Vulnerable yet enduring
Past anger, illness and
Even death, because time
Cannot diminish this
Being born between us.

Article © Nolo Segundo. All rights reserved.
Published on 2021-06-21
Image(s) are public domain.

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Cindy Bousquet Harris
05:29:41 PM

So beautiful. Heart-wrenching, yet lovely.

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