May 23, 2022


unwashed mirror


unwashed mirror

'911 ... what's your emergency?'
'come quick ... i think he's dying'

a local newscaster
in Los Angeles
died last year;
methamphetamine toxicity;
he had
the urge
to shove
two rocks
up his ass;
booty bumping;

his grindr lover
called 911;
died in transit;

details in the autopsy;
graphic, revealing,
too much;

married, wife, daughter;
too many secrets;
swept deep from
a closet filled
with spiders & monsters
& gasper masks laced
with amyl nitrate;

the comments were disturbing,
about his passing;
        ignorance is bliss,
        sayeth the lord;
people react strongly
when others
do not comply
with their own morality;
lily white suburbanites
high on the mount,
casting their disparities
without filter or
common decency;

and yet
i'm no saint,
i've cast stones toward
glass houses;

sometimes it's hard
to remember
that every soul
has two sides;
not every secret is
so simple;
and morality is often
a perception of a
mirror that remains

Article © Jack Henry. All rights reserved.
Published on 2020-01-20
Image(s) are public domain.

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